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Click here to view full details MCUCD-13/2000/D 21/12/2020 117 Archibald Street PAGET QLD 4740
Change Application (Minor) (Light Industrial Lots) - Material Change of Use - Code Assessment - Additions to Factory/Warehouse. Framework CD00-13
Click here to view full details CAC-323/2012/J 8/12/2020 34 Lugano Mews ANDERGROVE QLD 4740
Change Application (Minor) - Re-establish Lots 323 & 340 -Combined Application for Andergrove Lakes Eastern Precinct- Material Change of Use: Tourist Facility (including 38-bed Cable Ski Lodge, Cafe and ancillary operating facilities, Lake Grande and in-line lakes, Manager's Residence and 48 Tourist Accommodation Units); and Reconfiguration of a Lot: 1 Lot (Proposed Lot 600) into 145 Lots (including 113 Residential, 31 Terrace Houses, 1 Multiple Dwelling Unit Lot, 1 Tourist Facility Lot and 1 Tourist Accommodation Lot), plus parkland and drainage lots over 4 Stages (6 to 9) in accordance with Preliminary Approval DA-2007-286/B.
Click here to view full details CAC-205/2020 15/12/2020 37-43 Gateway Drive PAGET QLD 4740
Combined Application - Material Change of Use & Operational Works Industrial Development (Hardstand Area)
Click here to view full details CAC-208/2020 18/12/2020 126-136 Diesel Drive PAGET QLD 4740
Reconfiguring a Lot - 1 High Impact Industry Lot Lot into 2 Lots and Material Change of Use - Medium Impact Industry
Click here to view full details MCUC-200/2020 1/12/2020 352 Alfred Street MACKAY QLD 4740
Community Care Centre
Click here to view full details MCUC-13/2018/A 11/12/2020 39-51 Crichtons Road PAGET QLD 4740
Request to Consider Plans Generally in Accordance - Shipping Container Sales, Rentals and Storage
Click here to view full details MCUC-1/2021 18/12/2020 32 Harvison Street EAST MACKAY QLD 4740
Building Work - Boundary Setback for Shed
Click here to view full details MCUC-206/2020 16/12/2020 SEAFORTH COMMUNITY HALL 3-9 Prince Charles Avenue SEAFORTH QLD 4741
Material Change of Use - Health Care Services (Pharmacy)
Click here to view full details MCUC-209/2020 21/12/2020 Carlisle Adventist Christian College 17 Holts Road BEACONSFIELD QLD 4740
Educational Establishment - Extensions 3A
Click here to view full details MCUC-330/2011/D 22/12/2020 55 Grendon Street NORTH MACKAY QLD 4740
Change Application (Minor) Multiple Dwelling Units (13)- Condition 1 & 19